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  • EU's Barroso warns Britain against 'historic mistake' on immigration   18 hours 33 min ago

    I think both sides would be much better off if the UK left the EU.
    On one hand:
    The UK will be able to limit immigration.
    The UK will never have to give up the pound.
    The UK will be able keep its special relationship with the US with no conflict of interest with the rest of Europe.
    On the other hand:
    The EU will be able to guarantee the borders of the smaller states (no UK veto).
    The EU will be able to integrate much easier without the UK.
    So, why wait for 2015 and a referendum?

  • Cyprus to block progress in Turkey's EU entry bid over offshore gas search dispute   1 day 1 hour ago

    This is really a no-brainer as Turkey should never become an EU member as far as Greece and Cyprus are concerned.
    Should Turkey ever enter the EU, their citizens will have right of abode and voting in any other EU state. This will mean that Cyprus and western Thrace can, at any time, be flooded by Turkish migrants who will make the Greeks, in both areas, a miniscule minority.
    This model has already been successfully established in Imvros and Tenedos. Let's not forget the lessons of history.

  • Kurds struggle to hold Kobani as Turkey remains on sidelines   4 days 47 min ago

    I agree with most of what you said but very much doubt that Turkey is financing this effort.
    We are talking about tens of thousands of troops, on the ground, with modern weaponry that has put to flight the regular army of Iraq.
    I don't think Turkey could accomplish that. Their support is mainly logistical (transportation of supplies, weaponry and volunteers). The money has to be coming from an oil-producing Sunni country with Qatar and Saudi Arabia being prime suspects.
    Now, if someone else is behind them, that's a different story...

  • Ethnic Greek community targeted in southern Albania   4 days 57 min ago

    The Balkans have become "politically volatile" since the brazen intervention of outside forces in the area.
    I am confident that: if NATO, the Vatican, the Turks and other Muslims stayed out, order would be restored and threats to the stability of the area would cease.

  • Greece says Elgin Marbles return a matter of 'global heritage'   6 days 7 hours ago

    Even though at first they may have bought the goods from a bankrupt Elgin, as the safest option, their parliament did so
    on the condition that when Greek government ever asked for them back officially, they would be returned.
    Then, the reasoning was that Greece did not have a proper museum to place them in.
    Now what???
    Considering that the poles are melting and there's strong global warming indication that England will be submerged, it's then sensible to assume they will be better cared for in Greece. Can we use this argument? We have exhausted all the obvious arguments.

  • Kurds struggle to hold Kobani as Turkey remains on sidelines   6 days 7 hours ago

    This says it all:

    "For 30 years, Turkey has battled a self-rule insurgency, mounted by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, and the YPG is an offshoot of the PKK. There is now a faltering peace process with Turkish Kurds, but PKK activists said if Kobani falls, then the peace process will be finished."

    Also, who has been funding the "brotherhood" org. campaigning for a Caliphate?? Dare we guess?
    Gia illithious mas perasane? Kai oi dikoi mas perimenoune na tous dinoume stefania kathe fora pou pane gia diapragmateuseis stin Angyra!!

  • Ethnic Greek community targeted in southern Albania   6 days 8 hours ago

    The Balkans are a politically volatile place.
    The FYROMians with their citizens threatening Greeks online,
    wearing Tshirts promoting a Greater FYROM which includes the real
    Macedonia within Greece's borders.
    The Greek government should condemn these provocateurs and help the Greeks in NORTHERN EPIRUS (not Sth of Albania).
    This was once Greek land.
    They already try and claim Ancient Epirotean history of the region.
    And you have to wonder why the Greek govt is so quiet about the plight of the Northern Epirotes.

  • Serbia and Albania game abandoned after drone invasion sparks brawl   1 week 15 hours ago

    Btw, the flag of "greater Albania" included Kerkyra and southern Epirus in addition to half of Serbia, Montenegro and FYROM.
    Clearly this was a provocation by the Albanian side and UEFA should consider far-reaching measures and punishments against them and only them.

  • Northern Ireland stun Greece as history bid gathers momentum   1 week 1 day ago

    I dread the matches against the Faroe Islands: we could lose our next-to-last place.

  • Turkey says it cannot go into ground battle with Islamic State militants alone   1 week 4 days ago

    I could add more, omos parakolouthane ta panta tora kai borei ma auta pou grafoume na kindinevoume zoes.

  • Turkish warship monitors Cyprus gas exploration   1 week 5 days ago

    unfortunately turkey understand only the big stick and only the big stick and Greeks are not ready to do such,when Greeks start talking with the big stick idea than we might get somewhere.this apples to pseudoskopian shit..100 years now and same old shit .if Greece is going to loose something do it by at least throwing a punch..yia yiap yiap nothing doing..

  • Turkey says it cannot go into ground battle with Islamic State militants alone   1 week 5 days ago

    Here is a country, that has been through the years arming itself to the teeth, which declares they can't fight a bunch of guerrillas on their own.
    The question the West must ask is "Why?". Could it be that Turkey is looking - again - for rewards (e.g. territorial gains at the expense of their neighbours (e.g. Mosul)) or are we perhaps looking at one of the main culprits of the unexpected success of ISIS in recent days?
    Methinks there is more than meets the eye here...

  • Kouneva interview: 'I don't feel like a politician'   3 weeks 12 hours ago

    numero uno crook by all the meaning of the word..

  • Turk sentenced to life in Greece on charges of human trafficking   3 weeks 19 hours ago

    How does this work in Greece? You kill somebody, you get 5 years in jail (give or take, with some 'connections'). 135 years for trafficking? Yes, they do deserve to be put away a long time, but shouldn't there be some sort of a balance in sentences handed out?

  • Greece’s 2014 World Cupper Katsouranis joins FC Pune City   3 weeks 19 hours ago

    I guess they don't play soccer at the International Space Station, do they? That would've been suitable for him.

  • Greek state wins case against Athens International Airport   3 weeks 20 hours ago

    Yeah, that will teach them for doing business in Greece! When will they learn? It's pointless trying to find justice in the Greek legal system. Take it to European courts if you want to get somewhere.

  • Greek court says OPAP's betting monopoly is legal   3 weeks 20 hours ago

    When are they ever going to realize (those Europeans) that an organization like OPAP can bribe its way into legality? By no means should they trust Greek courts.

  • Turk sentenced to life in Greece on charges of human trafficking   3 weeks 5 days ago

    For the risk to the lives of these "immigrants" and the problems they have caused to society as a whole, I say "Good!" - it's about time someone took human trafficking seriously.

  • Turkish warship monitors Cyprus gas exploration   3 weeks 6 days ago

    intimidation. You see it all the time - it's animal behaviour.

  • Greek Cypriot spy chief: Turkish Cypriots 'helping' ISIL   4 weeks 1 day ago

    Watch Russia. Interesting turn of events having ISIS threaten Russia out of probably vlakia. With Turkey being "supportive", what does this imply at a broader sense of the word?
    It smells of what has been long forewarned in Greece.

    Let's hope the Amphipolis tomb has not been looted in the past. Something positive to look forward to in our days..!!
    Besides these pathetic turn of events which mark our era.
    Again we have to lay hope in the heroic deeds of our forefathers.

  • Greek Cypriot spy chief: Turkish Cypriots 'helping' ISIL   4 weeks 2 days ago

    While not seeing any need to go through Cyprus - anyone can go directly to Turkey - the fact remains that, once in Turkey, the road to ISIS is wide open. Let us also not forget that nearly all weaponry entering the rebel areas of Syria have also come in through Turkey.

    ISIS are Sunnis, ISIS have a goal of re-establishing the caliphate which - coincidentally - is a goal of the Turkish Islamists who control their government.

    There are far too many signs that this upstart organisation is being supported by Turkey. Maybe it's time the US and NATO ask their "friends" some difficult questions?

  • Greek Cypriot spy chief: Turkish Cypriots 'helping' ISIL   4 weeks 2 days ago

    Even Arab speaking Australian National "helping" the situation in Syria, admitted on a TV talk program that he was moving between Turkey and Syria freely. Are we really THAT surprised?

  • Obama vows to 'dismantle' Islamic State   4 weeks 5 days ago

    I see that President Obama has won funding for the rebels in Syria which are battling their country's government. His claim is that they are fighting ISIS. The fact is that they have been fighting alongside ISIS to destabilise their country.
    ISIS have - very conveniently - served to help Obama achieve what his accusations of chemical weapons could not do!

  • Tsipras: 'Elections now!'   5 weeks 2 days ago

    A radical, wearing no tie, constantly calling for elections at his every chance...
    Now whom does that remind me of, circa 1981 or thereabouts?
    Oh no! Not again!!!

  • New finds at Amphipolis as excavation proceeds   5 weeks 5 days ago

    the only way to settle the Macedonian issue is to take the rest of Macedonia back Greek Government should start claiming it..12