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  • Tsipras: 'Elections now!'   1 day 2 hours ago

    A radical, wearing no tie, constantly calling for elections at his every chance...
    Now whom does that remind me of, circa 1981 or thereabouts?
    Oh no! Not again!!!

  • New finds at Amphipolis as excavation proceeds   4 days 12 hours ago

    the only way to settle the Macedonian issue is to take the rest of Macedonia back Greek Government should start claiming it..12

  • Parliament ratifies antiracism bill after roll call vote on three articles   5 days 2 hours ago

    There are 300 deputies/MPs in the Hellenic Parliament. How could any resolution pass on the strength of 54 or 58 votes?
    What happened to the rest of our 300?

  • Euro 2016: Greece boss Claudio Ranieri rejects talk of winning automatic spot for Northern Ireland   5 days 2 hours ago

    Norn Iron had set out to win third place in the group which is a realistic - though difficult - goal.
    Anyone hoping for more than that, on the basis of one away win, is simply not being realistic.
    The two top spots belong to Greece and Romania and I doubt that either will blow it.

  • New finds at Amphipolis as excavation proceeds   1 week 20 hours ago

    It's one thing to say your Macedonian (have lineage to Macedonians) and another to speak a dialect of Bulgarian/Serbian and insist it's "Macedonian". It's another thing to skew historical information or blatantly deny evidence to suit a delusional take on history. It seems to me that they have an agenda of expansion and not simply to "share" the history of Macedonia. Besides, they insist on calling Thesalonike Solun despite it being named in ancient times by an actual ancient Macedonian as Thesalonike. They claim the Bulgar Samuel as their own too, yet claim to be directly linked to ancient Macedonians. They don't even want to accept that Aghios Oros stands as living proof of the Greekness of Macedonia throughout the ages. I am wondering, if this tomb turns out to be Mega Alexander's, would they keep at the same agenda with even more gusto? Would we end up with a different political scenario at Greece's doorstep?

  • New finds at Amphipolis as excavation proceeds   1 week 1 day ago

    LOL anything to undermine Hellas hey Jim? :D It matters for numerous reasons. On the most basic of levels it's about identity and national pride. If you really want to delve deep in to the subject it also affects Greece both financially AND in terms of territory. Firstly, to explain the financial aspect in a very simple manner, the "image" that Greece portrays to the world affects aspects such as tourism. In turn, this directly impacts on the economy. As for territory, the Skopjans have attempted to argue for territorial expansion in the past, claiming that the whole of "Ancient Macedonia" should be "reunited" with their land. By proving the Hellenic identity of Alexander, these claims would receive a further bitter blow. So yes, Jim, it does matter whether or not he was Hellene and yes ALL Greeks should be proud of our ancestors' accomplishments.

  • Greek MP in anti-gay slur against Luxembourg PM   1 week 1 day ago

    How do you define morality?

    You took the words right out of my mouth.

  • New finds at Amphipolis as excavation proceeds   1 week 1 day ago

    It's amazing that those brainwashed, think that they are OK and the rest of the world has been brainwashed. Just freakin' amazing.

    So why does it matter whether Alexander was a 'Hellene' or whether he landed from Mars? He should be celebrated for what he accomplished. Unfortunately, I wasn't involved in those accomplishments - neither were you.

  • Obama vows to 'dismantle' Islamic State   1 week 1 day ago

    You are right to bring up those observations. Some journalists point to Kuwait and Qatar (The Telegraph: How our allies in Kuwait and Qatar funded Islamic State). Others Saudi Arabia. The Germans accused Qatar. Of course Qatar denies it - just like they deny bribing to get the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

    But nobody's willing to touch Qatar because they are disbursing money left and right. And that gets corrupt politicians drooling...

    Of course they could be pointing to Qatar because the Saudis have covered their tracks (with money) already.

  • Obama vows to 'dismantle' Islamic State   1 week 2 days ago

    How did the Islamic State come to be so powerful with such sophisticated weaponry?
    To me it's obvious that they are receiving help from some state (don't give me the hogwash that they stole a couple of weapons from Iraq's arsenal!)
    There are only two Sunni states capable of arming IS to such a degree: Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Both are US allies.
    Is the whole - or part of the - US government responsible for the rise of IS?
    Some hard questions need to be asked by journalists who are risking their lives in an effort to keep us informed of world events.

  • New finds at Amphipolis as excavation proceeds   1 week 4 days ago

    that with all the information available and records noted by well reputed historians, they don't need to have their govt create the evidence for them. I honestly think they know the truth, it's beyond propaganda, it's about denial. I was threatened by a FYROMian for correcting them on misquoting (outright skewing) Gladstone's "Bulgarian Atrocities" to suit their agenda. He could easily source the original documentation and check it out himself. Gladstone was British, not Greek. Anyhoo...
    So, again I can't help wondering what it would take to have them realise the obvious. 60,000 artefacts later. Perhaps, Alexander would have to come down from the heavens riding a golden chariot driven by white doves.

  • New finds at Amphipolis as excavation proceeds   1 week 4 days ago

    The very nature of propaganda is to manipulate and control the outlook of people, regardless of the evidence. The sad reality of life is that people are sheep. Whether it's history, or even something like sports, it really is not that difficult to control the masses. As Irlandos says, the evidence is already there. I also hope this provides more evidence so it can be another bitter blow to the Skopjan's propaganda machine, but the reality is that that machine will continue to run regardless

  • PM Samaras addresses NATO summit   1 week 5 days ago

    Samaras should let these NATO bigwigs know how their little sanction games against Russia have hurt Greek farmers.
    And don't give me that EU v. NATO line: I am finally convinced they are the same syndicate!

  • New finds at Amphipolis as excavation proceeds   1 week 6 days ago

    True. I was wondering what would it take to convince them of the "Greekness" of the ancient Macedonians. Curious to know how they would explain these new findings.

  • New finds at Amphipolis as excavation proceeds   1 week 6 days ago

    I think there is already enough proof of the Hellenic heritage and character of the ancient Macedonians.
    Unfortunately, fanatics believe whatever they want to believe and don't let small things - such as evidence - dampen their enthusiasm.

  • Greek MP in anti-gay slur against Luxembourg PM   2 weeks 8 hours ago

    Moral decline? How do you define morality?

  • New finds at Amphipolis as excavation proceeds   2 weeks 1 day ago

    I wonder, if any artefacts found inside further stand as proof of the Hellenic (Greek) lineage of the ancient Macedonians, how would FYROM explain this?
    Will they claim that Greek authorities fabricated the tomb to support their claims over Makedonia, or will they eventually admit that the ancient Makedonians were indeed of Greek stock? Hracles Patroo.

  • Greek MP in anti-gay slur against Luxembourg PM   2 weeks 4 days ago

    Lamenting the moral decline of Europe can be done without using Ilias Panagiotaros' language, Mr Nikolopoulos.

  • Greece posts €2.279 billion primary budget surplus in Jan-July   3 weeks 1 hour ago

    It seems the bottom line is more important to some than people's lives...

  • Father who killed son and set body on fire was assisted by family   4 weeks 1 hour ago

    What has this world come to?
    We're not even safe from our septuagenarian daddies any more!

  • Free peach distribution to socially vulnerable groups   4 weeks 1 hour ago

    A brilliant initiative!
    For once the Greek government does something based on compassion and logic!

  • Juncker: Greece offered example to Argentina   6 weeks 2 hours ago

    Now we are being held up as an example for the rest of the world to follow???
    Mr Juncker, have you no clue what transpired in Greece between 2009 and the present, beyond your little statistics sheet?

  • Greek foremen avoid jail after firing on migrant laborers   6 weeks 3 days ago

    And the irony of it all is that it's the foremen who are appealing their sentence!!!
    What's next, forcing the migrants to pay the court costs???

  • Greek foremen avoid jail after firing on migrant laborers   6 weeks 3 days ago

    I would have bet you a billion dollars that no Greek court will ever put away some local big shot even those fines eventually will never have to be paid.

  • Greek foremen avoid jail after firing on migrant laborers   6 weeks 5 days ago

    A couple of underlings get fines - that's basically what it amounts to - while the big boss gets off scot-free? For denying workers their pay and then firing at them?
    That's a bit hard to live with - or am I the only one who thinks so?