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  • Greek leader urges education in mother tongue for Turks   34 weeks 4 days ago

    sent the idiot to turkey for good let him learn Turkish ,or maybe he already does.

  • Inmate who killed prison officer found dead in cell   34 weeks 4 days ago

    Had the state:
    1. Kept our borders safe.
    2. Kept the death penalty.
    3. Never established "leaves" for criminals - who now think it's their right.

    Tsironis would have been with his two children and this psychopath would have been dealt with in Albania.

    Now, we have an officer needlessly dead, two children orphaned, corrections officers about to be punished and a prison population ready to riot.

    Who's to blame? A decadent, over-the-top "democracy" that confuses freedom with license

  • No change in five-day shelf life for milk, ministry decides   34 weeks 4 days ago

    Talk about ...milking consumers. I guess dairy companies are the 'big business' of Greece, running broad campaigns brainwashing consumers and getting politicians to pass some law that only benefits them (dairy folks).

  • US envoy: Cyprus peace may ease Europe gas fears   35 weeks 3 days ago

    For 40 years the United States have tried to impose, as a "solution" to the Cyprus crisis, an acceptance on the part of Greeks of the status quo with minute modifications.

    If they truly want a real solution, pressure and sanctions must be imposed on Turkey - and Turkey alone - to move from their intransigent position.

    There must not be a bi-zonal solution of any sort: people should be allowed to return to their homes. The communities can be self-governing in matters of culture but Cyprus must remain a unitary state with the same type of democracy enjoyed by the rest of the world. And it must be recognised as a free state by all - without any "rights" of intervention or invasion.

  • EU options on Russian energy stranglehold few and pricey   35 weeks 3 days ago

    It is high time that Europe see that their interests do not coincide 100% with the United States and act accordingly.
    Europe must see it was a big mistake to follow American "sanctions" against Russia: they only stand to lose.
    Europe must also realise they are directly responsible for the crisis in Ukraine and quit their policy of economic subjugation of the continent.

    In short: realise that European states are inter-dependent and that these interests must take precedence over any links with outside powers.

  • Prison leave, especially for terrorists, to become stricter   36 weeks 17 hours ago

    Many prisons in Europe believe in the "rehabilitation" approach, others like North America believe more in the "punishment" approach.

    Which is better? probably somewhere in the middle

  • Prison leave, especially for terrorists, to become stricter   36 weeks 20 hours ago

    The mind boggles...
    Go figure. All this somehow sounds reasonable to a country of 11 million. And to make things worse, all this sounds reasonable to the Europeans. Go figure...

  • Man Utd vs Olympiakos: A Night Of Destiny At The Theatre Of Dreams   36 weeks 20 hours ago

    Looking forward to a good game. I wish Olympiacos a nice showing and a good result. I think they can move to the next round - as long as they don't play scared.

  • Kerry: US, Europe will respond if Crimea referendum proceeds   36 weeks 2 days ago

    Nice of the gentleman to speak up for Europe!
    And I thought he was Secretary of State only for the US...

  • Greek far-right lawmaker deserts Golden Dawn party   36 weeks 3 days ago

    Others - politicians and regular citizens - should take his example. If they want to vote nationalist, there is still the LAOS party of Karatzaferis that expresses their views without the rhetoric, hooliganism and bad reputation of the Golden Dawn.

  • Greek far-right lawmaker deserts Golden Dawn party   36 weeks 3 days ago

    The rats are abandoning the ship?

  • Prison leave, especially for terrorists, to become stricter   36 weeks 3 days ago

    Inn't that an oxymoron? Why would a convict be on 'leave?' Especially a terrorist or anyone else who can place the public in danger?

    The mind boggles...

  • Greek leader urges education in mother tongue for Turks   36 weeks 3 days ago

    He should be talking to the Greeks who were expelled from Turkey and the ones currently living there, to see how their "mother tongue" is respected.

  • Greek olive oil to remain olive oil, govt insists   36 weeks 3 days ago

    Greece, keeping their quality olive oil dignity!

    Let the consumers mix their own oils.
    Consumers should have the option to purchase quality
    olive oil if that's what they want to purchase.

    Consider this, perhaps there is a rise in health problems due to too many additives or unfamiliar additions to our diets. Hence, allergies forming in people.
    Look up adaptation of a species to the diet available to them through geographical location and centuries of evolution. Profit should not dictate our diets.

  • Greek extremist killer's biography sparks row   36 weeks 4 days ago

    Excellent suggestion! No criminal should benefit from the result of his criminal activities.

  • Greek extremist killer's biography sparks row   36 weeks 4 days ago

    If that book promotes murder and terrorism, ban it. If it is merely stating facts, allow its sale but turn over all the proceeds to the victims of Koufodinas and their families.

  • Crimea parliament votes to join Russia   36 weeks 5 days ago

    Yes... Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

  • Six charged with plotting to murder journalist Kostas Vaxevanis   37 weeks 3 days ago

    They benefit by removing the journalist to secure their
    ventures. Ergo, my guess is that the leather jackets are on
    the payroll of those in the suits.
    Again, as it was said: You can only choose one master; that of money or that of God.
    Once you become a victim of $, you find it very hard to see the spiritual value of keeping someone alive, esp if that someone get's in your way of securing profit or at least hiding your criminal activities relating to profit.

    This extends to many facets of human activities, hence the state of global environment for the benefit of profit.
    As it was said by wise old Kosmas Aitolos: In the future, man will become poor because he will lack love for nature.
    Again, notice the recurring themes in human history, yet things do not change.

  • Germany pleads forgiveness for Greek Nazi massacre   37 weeks 3 days ago

    waive Greece's debt - or, at the very least, waive any money ("financial aid") Greece owes to Germany.
    That should cover any national treasures taken and treasuries
    emptied during the Nazi occupation of Greece.
    I think it would settle things nicely, since compensation will not be provided by Germany.

  • Crimea parliament votes to join Russia   37 weeks 3 days ago

    ...considering the Nazi regime was funded by American and British bankers of which were responsible for the conflicts Irlandos mentioned, plus many many MANY more, what's your point?

  • Crimea parliament votes to join Russia   37 weeks 3 days ago

    Look up: Sudetenland in 1938

  • Germany pleads forgiveness for Greek Nazi massacre   37 weeks 3 days ago

    Saying you're sorry and you're ashamed means very little when your actions do not prove it, Mr. President.
    Some compensation and the repayment of your loans won't erase the memories of the atrocities your country committed but it is the very least you can do to prove your sorrow and shame are genuine.

  • Crimea parliament votes to join Russia   37 weeks 5 days ago

    Isn't it funny how the West is all bent out of shape over Crimea peacefully breaking away from the Ukraine but encouraged Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo to violently break away from Yugoslavia?

  • Speak loudly, carry small stick   38 weeks 16 hours ago

    I would rather the West shut up completely as world peace is at stake.
    Am I the only one who sees they have no right to talk after their silence on Iraq1, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq2?
    Go find another country to victimise with your loans!

  • Venizelos: 'Greece after best solution to Ukraine crisis '   38 weeks 1 day ago

    This man is part of the governing coalition that cannot protect the Greeks of Greece, how on earth can he claim that he can protect the Greeks of Ukraine?