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  • Orthodox bishop claims cloak has special powers   30 weeks 5 days ago

    Yes, but can he fly? Does he have X-Ray vision? Does he have another identity when he doesn't wear the cloak?

  • Tsipras not attending EU presidency ceremony   30 weeks 5 days ago

    I understand that you lean towards the far right but that doesn't make you any smarter than tieyetos. One's political believe does not make them smarter - or dumber for that fact. Just like not every right leaning Greek is hospitable or a good person.

    Also, you could do yourself a favor and read a book for a change, instead of relying on FOX news for all your information!

  • Tsipras not attending EU presidency ceremony   31 weeks 4 hours ago

    Mr. Tsipras is indeed an idiot but not because he is Greek, it is because he is a anti-establishment-communist. That says it all. If you have traveled at all you will find few people as hospitable as the Greeks and by extension they tend to be quite caring people. Greeks don’t F each other because they are Greeks, they do so because so many of them have bought into the socialist BS and by extension become godless; opportunistic; thieving; lowlifes like anti-establishment-leftists everywhere.

  • Reward in hunt for Greek fugitives   31 weeks 1 day ago

    I understand that the bleeding hearts want those poor terrorist to have some time away from the brutality of the penal system; except if it was their loved one that was slaughtered by one of these creeps. It is unfortunate that Europe has been so neutered by the socialist ‘vlakyes’ that they actually have come to accept stupidity of this magnitude.

    He along with his cohorts should have been tried in the US and received real justice.

  • New Democracy asks Tsipras to clarify whether he is an atheist   31 weeks 2 days ago

    Really? Last I checked it was the communists pretending to be socialist that seized power in Greece in the last few decades and ran the country into the toilet. Not so much those dirty capitalists and Church goers. How is Christianity to blame for what socialism has precipitated on the Greek?

    I have witnessed churches in the US collecting to feed the poor in Greece. I haven’t heard any communist officials offering to help from their own pockets have you? And I know that churches there have set up soup kitchens, etc. What have the great and wonderful institutions of the communists and socialist set-up? Really, I’d like to know.

    I do believe that there should be a separation of church and state and it is long overdue in Greece. And what you didn’t already know that a hard-core-antiestablishment leftist like tsipras is an atheist then you probably smoke too much gonja. But please you can’t blame those dirty Christians for what the leftist opportunistic thieves have perpetrated on Greece.

  • Greek soldiers lack of meat due to economic crisis   31 weeks 4 days ago

    What's all this fuss about? Bean soup and lentil soup did no harm to our soldiers in years gone by!

  • Reward in hunt for Greek fugitives   31 weeks 5 days ago

    "... serving six life sentences..."
    "... vanished while on release from prison."

    The mind boggles.

  • New Democracy asks Tsipras to clarify whether he is an atheist   31 weeks 6 days ago

    who cares,, look what was done to greeks by those that believe in a god,, christians are the biggest crooks ..greeks realy need to kick out the church from politics.

  • New Democracy asks Tsipras to clarify whether he is an atheist   32 weeks 7 hours ago

    Grasping at straws. What difference does it make? A non-belief in the supernatural would be a good thing, further separating church from state, but as Adams mentioned, the guy is an a**hole and that trumps anything else.

  • New Democracy asks Tsipras to clarify whether he is an atheist   32 weeks 1 day ago

    It doesn't much matter whether Mr. Tsipras does or does not believe in any God. The guy is an a**hole any which way you look at it.

  • Ukraine warns Church over prayer services for protesters   32 weeks 6 days ago

    An Orthodox priest standing with the policemen while Greek Catholic priests are standing with the opposition...

    It seems Ukraine will be the next country that will split up based on religious differences.

  • German foreign minister attacks 'brainless Eurosceptics'   33 weeks 2 days ago

    The vehement attack and irresponsible name-calling by this German minister shows that the voices of eurosceptics is finally getting through!
    Also encouraging is the "gentleman's" worries that eurosceptics "could prove dangerous to the EU"!

    Pressure must be kept up on the EU to reform or be dissolved as it clearly cannot continue in its present course. It must work for the benefit of all Europeans not just the very few who have, so far, been sponging off the rest of us. It must be an association of equals.
    It must allow freedom of diversity, not enforced conformity.
    And, if it seeks to emulate the US, it should do so in matters of security and welfare, not just migration.

  • Tsipras not attending EU presidency ceremony   33 weeks 5 days ago

    mr tsipras is a idiot by not attending in the ceremony, it is Greece as the Europian presindency, by not doing so he is downgrading Greece and himself..bud greeks will be greeks,and fu*k each other and the country.enjoy the pain ..

  • Fifa rules out the possibility of a Qatar summer World Cup in 2022   33 weeks 5 days ago

    It's about time common sense and the well-being of the players was taken into account instead of the wishes of the fat cats!

    I remember all too well WC 1994 when Italy were forced to cross an entire continent and play at 12:00 noon, in the southern California summer heat, to satisfy the big-shot broadcasters.

  • Police launch search for November 17 convict   33 weeks 5 days ago

    My suspicion - and I hope I'm totally wrong - is that perhaps he was let go as part of a deal?
    E.g. "limit your future targets to certain people who are threatening us in the polls and we'll let you slide".

  • Average Greek retires before 58   33 weeks 5 days ago

    Many in Greece aren't even "officially working" so they miss on benefits, entitlements, etc.
    Those that are working and are being accounted for
    are entitled to pension according to how many years they've "clocked" on the employment roster, so to speak.

    Greece doesn't have much employment opportunities for people so rather than develop more/new industries, technologies, etc to provide more work for people, they reduce their working life so that the younger generations can replace those retiring. Paying pensions - which are a type of superfunds that were invested during the time of employment - may be considered cheaper than paying unemployment benefits, so they may have a preference for the former.
    I'm not, simply speculating.

    The emphasis on tourism does not suit everyone, nor their skills.
    There's little incentive to create new opportunities, because perhaps the politicians have been bribed to secure the market for certain brands, as is all likelihood the case with Heineken (beer) to the detriment of local brands - flik and vergina - based on articles I have read.

    As I said previously, perhaps Greece should focus on developing solar technology to harvest energy from their plentiful sunshine so that the average person is not required to burn firewood to keep warm. Perhaps solar energy harvesting may allow Greece to supply more employment opportunities for their youth or at least help them reduce their need to import energy from overseas.

    Just a thought.

  • Police launch search for November 17 convict   33 weeks 6 days ago

    My suspicion is that it has nothing to do with Dendias. It could be time for Greece to re-evaluate those that have been put in place to uphold the law (justices, etc.)

    There is definitely something wrong with Greece's justice system (or is it those that sit in high places) and it won't be easy to gut it out.

  • Police launch search for November 17 convict   33 weeks 6 days ago

    How can they grant a 17 November member - who was sentenced to six consecutive life sentences - any kind of leave, when the Greek state can't even guard those within the prison walls?
    It seems terrorists no longer require helicopters, airplanes or UFOs to escape: they just march out the door that's held open to them by Dendias and the rest of this useless government.

  • Police launch search for November 17 convict   34 weeks 7 hours ago

    Does this freakin' country have anything that works right? Six consecutive life sentences and he's out on 'prison leave' every 2nd week? Is this a prison or a country club that they keep him in?

    I don't know what to feel about Greece anymore. Should I be laughing or crying?

  • Average Greek retires before 58   34 weeks 1 day ago

    Who pays for this retirement? In Canada, a fairly well-off country, our government just raised the retirement age to 67. It didn't do it to deprive anyone from their due, only to make it possible to continue paying *everyone* their due.

  • Former Greek minister returns €7 mln in bribes   34 weeks 4 days ago

    And, if a minor official can claim 13 million, what does that say for the "major" officials? How much have they* stashed away?

  • Former Greek minister returns €7 mln in bribes   34 weeks 4 days ago

    So, if this minor official - whom I never heard of - admits that €13 million of money left over from 10 years ago is bribery money, my questions are:
    * How much money did he actually accept ten years ago?
    * What kind of interest would that money accumulate over ten years?
    * How much did the major figures accept?
    * Will any of them ever confess or are we to remain happy with this one small fish who admitted his crime?

  • 'Suicide bomber' hits Russia station   35 weeks 1 day ago

    Another attack by Islamists against innocent civilians...
    Well, other extremists attacked Volgograd/Stalingrad some 70 years ago and came to bitterly regret it. I hope these extremists also get their come-uppings soon.

  • Greek olive oil industry faces crisis   35 weeks 4 days ago

    Great ideas that you have Agatha4.
    Its a shame that politicians can not see what is obvious, and in some cases easy solutions to problems.

  • Greek olive oil industry faces crisis   35 weeks 4 days ago

    There is a systematic breakdown of everything that can not only bring Greece out of its darkness, but also make it a leader in some products. Olive oil is one industry.
    Another ΟΧΙ (No) here please!
    Why on earth would you wash down and blend one of the best olive oils around.
    If Greece is the 3rd largest producer of olive oil, then where is the problem?
    This is another sacfricial goat in the making, in order to boost other EU countires that also produce oil. Leading to Greek oil manufacturing falling on its knees and then being bought for a song by overseas interests.
    Other countries are already buying Greek olive oil and rebranding it as their own.
    Which means that there must be a shortage out there.
    Its all part of a sinister plan. This is another strategy against Greece.
    This is akin to the EU telling the Germans to produce cheap BMWs so that they can be competitive and affordable. It wont happen. Quality costs money.
    Next they'll be telling Greece to produce inferior cheap feta cheese.

    The Greek government (that needs a big shake-up) has to start waving a fist in the air, and start working and thinking for Greek products, and its people.
    And, its people have to start thinking as one.