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Reports US tapped French phones 'false'

US intelligence chief James Clapper has denied reports that US spies recorded data from 70 million phone calls in France in a single 30-day period.
BBC: October 23, 2013

New CNN Poll: GOP House is bad for U.S.

According to the CNN/ORC survey, 54% say it's a bad thing that the GOP controls the House, and more than six in 10 Americans say House Speaker Boehner should be replaced.
CNN: October 21, 2013

Snowden leaks: France summons US envoy over spying claims

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has summoned the US ambassador over newspaper claims that the US spied on millions of phone calls in France.
BBC: October 21, 2013

JP Morgan 'faces record $13bn fine'

US banking giant JP Morgan is set for a record $13bn (£8bn) fine to settle investigations into its mortgage-backed securities, US media reports say.
BBC: October 20, 2013

US Shutdown Ends

Congress has put an end to three weeks of drama, deadlock and danger to the global economy as both the House and Senate passed a bill to re-open the federal government
October 17, 2013

US lawmakers work through holiday as debt deadline looms

Key Senate leaders Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell working to overcome obstacles on spending, approve bill to reopen government, raise debt ceiling
October 14, 2013

Former Greek PM says austerity averted disaster

Speaking Downtown on Wednesday night, the former prime minister of Greece defended his austere measures that secured a bailout for his financially crippled country and averted “havoc” in Europe in 2009.
Tribune-Review: October 12, 2013

Creditors Japan, China worried about US shutdown

Asia’s two biggest economies, Japan and China, are voicing concerns about the ongoing government shutdown in Washington and the possibility that Congress may fail to raise the debt ceiling, leading to a government default.
October 8, 2013

New US $100 bill designed to defeat counterfeiters

The U.S. on Tuesday is unveiling a new $100 bill, a note that still will show touches of long-standing tradition, but also will carry new markers in an attempt to thwart counterfeiters.
October 8, 2013

Effects of "Corporate" Political Parties

Today, we witness politicians and government officials lie, evade properly answering questions of vital importance and the media doesn't seem to be bothered about demanding meaningful answers.
Ilias Sourdis: October 7, 2013