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US isolates troops after ebola efforts in West Africa

U.S. troops returning from West Africa are being placed under isolation at a base in Italy, even though none of the soldiers has symptoms of Ebola, as a precaution to prevent the potential spread of the virus, the Pentagon said on Monday.
October 27, 2014

Ebola death toll nears 5,000 as virus advances

The Ebola epidemic’s death toll has climbed to at least 4,922 out of 10,141 known cases in eight countries, the World Health Organization reported Saturday.
October 25, 2014

Greek kids top weight charts

Greek children aged 7 and 9 have the highest average body weight among 16 European countries surveyed by the World Health Organization, according to data made public Tuesday.
eKathimerini: October 21, 2014

A parent's worst nightmare on Kos

Loukas Spanos from the island of Kos died in an Athens hospital 14 hours after his mother noticed that he had a temperature. She wants people to know his story in the hope that no other parent on the island has to go through a similar nightmare
Enet: October 21, 2014

Plan to tackle shortage of hospital doctors

Doctors at public hospitals will be hired at the same rate as departures and medical staff will not have to work longer hours than the law stipulates, according to legislation being drawn up by the Health Ministry.
eKathimerini: October 15, 2014

Australian nurse tested for ebola

An Australian nurse is undergoing medical tests after showing possible signs of Ebola, as the international community continues efforts to limit the outbreak of the virus.
October 9, 2014

Greece is prepared to face Ebola virus case, Health Minister says

"Greece is ready to confront a possible Ebola virus case," Health Minister Makis Voridis told private ANT1 TV on Thursday.
October 9, 2014

Dallas ebola patient dies at Texas Hospital

The first Ebola patient diagnosed in the United States has died in a Dallas, Texas hospital.
October 8, 2014

Obama to send 3,000 troops to Liberia in ebola fight

The United States is ready to take leadership for a global response to the deadly Ebola virus that is ravaging West Africa, President Barack Obama said Tuesday,
September 17, 2014

US ebola patient to leave hospital

One of two American aid workers infected with the Ebola virus is leaving an Atlanta hospital.
August 21, 2014