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Ecumenical Patriarch leads liturgy at historic Soumela monastery in Turkey

Hundreds of pilgrims responded to an invitation by the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew to attend a liturgy held at the Soumela monastery in Trabzon on Friday to mark the Dormition of the Virgin Mary.
August 15, 2014

Man awaits surgery 10 days after suffering broken jaw in racist attack

Ten days after he was left with a broken jaw in a racist attack on August 2 in Athens, 34-year-old Safraz Malik has not yet been operated on in Evangelismos hospital. He has been unable to eat since the attack
Enet: August 15, 2014

Tons of fruit rot as experts meet to mull Russian ban

Some 12,000 tons of peaches and nectarines on Wednesday remained in refrigerators in Imathia – one of seven prefectures affected by the Russian food embargo
eKathimerini: August 14, 2014

Athens Olympics leave mixed legacy, 10 years later

In an obscure corner of a park sits a forlorn reminder that, 10 years ago, Athens hosted the 2004 Summer Olympics. The crumbling miniature theater is inscribed with the words "glory, wealth, wisdom, victory, triumph, hero, labor"
Houston Chronicle: August 14, 2014

Eighteen individuals face felony charges in social insurance fund fraud case

The financial police on Monday announced that a total of 18 people are involved in a social insurance fraud against IKA social insurance fund,
August 11, 2014

In Greek Crisis, Priest Buys Inmates Their Freedom

Germany made headlines this week by letting Bernie Ecclestone, the Formula One chief, pay $100 million to end his bribery trial.
ABC News: August 8, 2014

In Greece, Migrants Are Desperate to Flee Again

On a recent morning, the young men began to drift back to the abandoned furniture factory, returning from the beach, the roofs of nearby construction sites and other hiding places where they had been sleeping.
New York Times: August 8, 2014

Ten years on, Athens 2004 gives Greece little to cheer

It was billed as a chance to transform Greece's image abroad and boost growth but 10 years after the country hosted the world's greatest sporting extravaganza there is little to celebrate at the birthplace of the modern Olympic Games.
Reuters: August 7, 2014

Nearly 3,500 Greeks took German citizenship in 2013

A total 3,498 people from crisis-hit Greece took German citizenship last year, a 25 percent drop compared to 2012, official data showed.
eKathimerini: August 7, 2014

Greek school in Korca ignores the Albanian language

What arguments were presented by the Greeks and Slavs in front of the International Commissions for the acquisition of Albanian villages and towns that were under the Ottoman Empire? August 5, 2014