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Greece says primary budget surplus means it on track to hit EU-IMF targets

Greece said on Tuesday its budget was in surplus, not counting interest payments, and that it was on course to hit fiscal targets and fulfill conditions to seek additional debt relief from its international lenders.
Reuters: September 10, 2013

FinMin: No more fiscal measures

There will be no new fiscal measures in the case of signing a new memorandum, Finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras said on Monday.
September 9, 2013

ECB's Draghi says "no" to giving Greece debt relief

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi reiterated on Thursday that the bank would not takes losses on its Greek bond holdings in order to give Greece debt relief.
Reuters: September 6, 2013

Decision on third Greek bailout set for November: officials

The euro zone is likely to decide on a third bailout for Greece in November, after international inspectors finish an assessment of Greece's struggles to carry out painful reforms, officials said on Thursday.
Reuters: September 5, 2013

Eurozone ends recession as economy grows 0.3%

New data on Wednesday confirmed that the eurozone escaped an 18-month recession in the second quarter but the outlook is difficult and the bloc still lags well behind in global terms.
AFP: September 5, 2013

Euro Official: Greece to Need More Aid After 2014

Greece will "very likely" need more financial aid beyond its current rescue loan programs, which end next year, the chairman of the eurozone finance ministers' meetings acknowledged Thursday.
ABC News: September 5, 2013

Give Greece a break: what politicians need to tell German voters

Throwing arbitary figures around undermines the prospect for a much-needed debate about the future of the eurozone
Guardian: September 5, 2013

Third bailout for Greece realistic-Eurogroup head

Greece's financial troubles will not end in 2014 and it is therefore realistic to expect the debt-laden country will need additional money from the euro zone before it can return to markets, the head of euro zone finance ministers said.
Reuters: September 5, 2013

For just €250,000 you can buy a home in Greece and become an EU resident

Non-Europeans seeking a fast-track route to EU residency now have a new option—buying cheap Southern European property.
Quartz: September 4, 2013

Size of a third Greek bailout? Merkel remains ambiguous

In a television debate Merkel danced around a third Greek bailout. She is largely expected to stick to a cautious stance on the issue ahead of the September 22 general election. Any additional packages for Greece are very unpopular with German taxpayers. September 2, 2013