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Debt of Sisyphus: Greek economy’s coma is a misguided political experiment

Austerity is destroying the free part of the Greek economy, leaving government more dysfunctional than ever. Worse news: it will need yet another bailout... August 27, 2013

Greece doesn't need yet another 'rescue' package – it needs a way out

If threatened by Germany with exit from the euro, Greece should not blink, but instead do what's needed to save its economy
Guardian: August 27, 2013

Greece 'may renegotiate rescue loans'

Greece may seek to ease its debt burden by renegotiating its bailout terms, the Greek finance minister said on Monday.
BBC: August 26, 2013

New Greek rescue promises euro drama

The need for a new rescue program for Greece promises a drawn-out drama of late-night negotiations but is unlikely to trigger the sort of crisis that has threatened the breakup of the euro in the recent past.
CNBC: August 26, 2013

Greek 'haircut' could trigger 'domino effect'

German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned a Greek debt write-down could spark a "domino effect of uncertainty" and scare off investors in the eurozone, in an interview released Sunday.
AFP: August 25, 2013

Merkel tries to reassure nervous German voters over Greece

Merkel rules out Greek haircut, leaves open aid option
Reuters: August 25, 2013

Greece 'may need 10bn euros more' in aid - Stournaras

Greece may need a third bailout but would not accept new austerity measures, the Greek finance minister has said.
BBC: August 25, 2013

Eurogroup chief becomes latest to admit Greece on course for third bailout

Jeroen Dijsselbloem's comments cast shadow over news that eurozone companies are reporting strong growth
Guardian: August 23, 2013

German Minister: Future Greek aid package smaller

Germany's finance minister said in an interview published Friday that he expects a future aid package for Greece to be much smaller than the country's existing rescue deals.
ABC News: August 23, 2013

Germany is not the euro zone – what a shame

The euro zone is doing better, but its latest improvements are worryingly uneven. Germany remains far ahead. This unbalanced recovery could lead to more trouble.
Reuters Blogs: August 23, 2013