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Greek central bank says domestic reforms must continue

Greece needs to focus on cutting government spending and improving the tax administration over the next five years, the central bank said on Thursday, echoing the country's international lenders.
Reuters: June 12, 2014

IMF warns of reform fatigue holding back Greece

Greece needs to improve the efficiency of its public sector dramatically to meet fiscal targets and avoid new austerity measures, the International Monetary Fund said on Tuesday.
Reuters: June 10, 2014

Greece: In the absence of light, darkness grows

The May 25 result should have been a watershed moment, prompting Greece’s decision makers to seriously contemplate the mistakes that have fed the extremist monster:
The Corner: June 7, 2014

Portugal decides on 'clean exit' from bailout

Portugal said on Sunday it would exit its three-year 78-billion-euro bailout this month without a precautionary credit line, as the country returns to growth after years of painful austerity and unpopular reforms.
Reuters: May 5, 2014

EU Commissioner for Health: Reforms are necessary to avoid collapse of health system

European Commissioner for Health Tonio Borg said in an interview that if reforms in the health sector had not been implemented in Greece, the healthcare system would have collapsed.
April 29, 2014

European Commission sets out next targets

The European Commission praised Greece on Friday for making “delayed but substantive progress” with structural reforms and producing a “strong” fiscal performance but also set the government some pressing deadlines this summer.
eKathimerini: April 26, 2014

Central Athens cleanup a sign of Greece's turnaround

The marble paving stones have been relaid in Athens’s Syntagma Square, the site of pitched battles between police and protesters during the worst of Greece’s economic crisis.
eKathimerini: April 24, 2014

Greece reaches milestone, opens way for assistance

Greece has reached a major financial milestone that its creditors demanded as a precondition for being granted more debt relief, the European Commission said Wednesday.
The Olympian: April 23, 2014

"Great Stretch" to secure Greek debt return

Call it the Great Stretch. Two years ago, Greece's debt crisis almost brought the euro zone crashing down. Now European partners are preparing to ease Athens' debt burden without writing off their loans but by stretching them out into the distant future,
Reuters: April 14, 2014

Greek police clash with retail employees protesting against longer shopping hours

Hundreds of protesters battled with riot police in one of the Greek capital's main shopping districts. No injuries or damage have been reported.
The Republic: April 15, 2014