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Bomb Blast in Athens as Greece returns to world bond markets

A bomb blew up outside the Greek central bank in Athens Thursday morning, hours before Greece returns to the international bond market.
April 10, 2014

Bombs and bonds return to Athens

Car with 75kg of explosives went off at 5.55am outside central Bank of Greece hours before the planned return to the debt markets
Enet: April 10, 2014

Prison leave, especially for terrorists, to become stricter

A draft bill that was presented for public discussion on Friday and is expected to be submitted in Parliament soon foresees stricter terms for the conditional release from prison of offenders convicted of terrorism
eKathimerini: March 15, 2014

Greek extremist killer's biography sparks row

An autobiography written by the main hitman of the far-left Greek extremist organisation November 17 has sparked a row over freedom of speech.
Reuters: March 13, 2014

US government warns airlines of new shoe-bomb threat

The US government has advised airlines to beware of any attempts to smuggle explosives onboard in footwear.
BBC: February 20, 2014

Weapons of alleged Turkish terrorist 'clean,' forensic experts say

Forensic experts of the Greek Police on Thursday said that the weapons found in a counter-terrorism squad raid on an Athens apartment on Monday that led to the arrest of four Turkish nationals are "clean,"
eKathimerini: February 13, 2014

US bans carry-on liquids on direct flights to Russia

The US government has banned all liquids from carry-on bags on nonstop flights to Russia, on the eve of the Sochi Winter Olympics.
BBC: February 7, 2014

Sochi 2014: US warns airlines of Russia 'toothpaste' bomb threat

The US has warned airlines with direct flights to Russia that explosives hidden in toothpaste tubes could be smuggled onto planes.
BBC: February 6, 2014

Kalashnikovs found in Paleo Faliro car were brand new, police says

Three of the Kalashnikovs found in a car abandoned in the southern suburb of Paleo Faliro on Saturday have never been used, police said on Sunday after a ballistics check.
February 4, 2014

Public order minister links 'illegal immigration' to terrorism

In the same week that nine children and three women drowned during a controversial coastguard operation, Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias claims 'terrorism is likely to exploit the phenomenon of illegal immigration'
Enet: January 27, 2014